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Inline Buzzbaits

Introducing our latest product line: Inline Buzzbaits! We did a lot of testing this spring to come up with our design and components for this buzzbait.

Key points:

  • .040 diameter stainless wire
  • Large, but not oversized blade (makes them easy to throw)
  • Solid brass head and skirt keeper with added brass ticker for extra weight
  • 3/0 VMC double frog hook for great hookup ratio
  • Owner twist lock centering pin for adding trailers

Another custom detail is filing off the finish or paint on the blade where it contacts the rivet and crimping the rivet in place to create some friction & noise. This buzzbait is offered in 3/8 oz. size only and comes in 6 blade colors of Chartreuse, Black, White, Plated Copper, Plated Gold, and Unfinished Plain Aluminum. With our a-la-carte ordering system you can match any of these blade colors with any skirt of your choice.

*These buzzbaits are 100% custom handmade one at a time and each one has it's own character. This has some high-quality components and is not a cut rate item.

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