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Flippin Jigs - We offer 2 sizes of these jigs - 5/16 oz. and 7/16 oz. featuring a 60 degree 4/0 flat eye and heavy wire flipping hook. These jig heads come in 2 custom colors: Green Pumpkin with a small amount of Red Metal Flake and/or Black with a small amount of Blue Flake. They have a baked on powder coat finsh that is very chip-resistant. With our a la carte ordering system you can mix and match your jig head color and weight with one of our skirt colors of your choice. Our 5/16 oz. flippin jigs are built with a spider/finesse skirt only.

Football Jigs - Currently we are offering our football jig in a 1/2 oz. and 3/4 oz. version. It has a 60 degree mustad heavy wire 4/0 mustad ultra point hook. We use our custom color powder paint in Green Pumpkin with Red Flake or our Black with Blue Flake for a tough, durable finish. Match your skirt colors with the jig head color of your choice.

Swim Jigs - We offer these in 3 colors: White, Green Pumpkin w/Red Flake, & Black w/Blue Flake in sizes 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., & 1/2 oz. These jigs are made using a 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point 30 degree hook, 3D eyes, medium weed guard, and our heavy coat of baked-on powder paint. And of course you can pair a jig head with a skirt of your choice. Pro Tip: One of my favorite swim jig trailers is just a very simple 4" or 5" single tail grub that matches the skirt. Also popular are the Zoom Z-Craw & the Zoom Speed Craw.

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