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Flippin Jigs - We offer 2 sizes of these jigs - 5/16 oz. and 7/16 oz. featuring a 60 degree 4/0 flat eye and heavy wire flipping hook. These jig heads come in 2 custom colors: Green Pumpkin with a small amount of Red Metal Flake and/or Black with a small amount of Blue Flake. They have a baked on powder coat finsh that is very chip-resistant. With our a la carte ordering system you can mix and match your jig head color and weight with one of our skirt colors of your choice. Our 5/16 oz. flippin jigs are built with a spider/finesse skirt only.

Football Jigs - Currently we are offering our football jig in a 1/2 oz. and 3/4 oz. version. It has a 60 degree mustad heavy wire 4/0 mustad ultra point hook. We use our custom color powder paint in Green Pumpkin with Red Flake or our Black with Blue Flake for a tough, durable finish. Match your skirt colors with the jig head color of your choice.

Swim Jigs - We offer these in 3 colors: White, Green Pumpkin w/Red Flake, & Black w/Blue Flake in sizes 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., & 1/2 oz. These jigs are made using a 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point 30 degree hook, 3D eyes, medium weed guard, and our heavy coat of baked-on powder paint. And of course you can pair a jig head with a skirt of your choice. Pro Tip: One of my favorite swim jig trailers is just a very simple 4" or 5" single tail grub that matches the skirt. Also popular are the Zoom Z-Craw & the Zoom Speed Craw.

Mark Twain Magic Jigs - Mark Twain Lake Lure Company is proud to introduce our new signature bass jig: The Mark Twain Magic Jig. This has been in the works for a while now and has been field tested my many trusted fishing friends and local anglers. We wanted to create a jig for all seasons here on Mark Twain Lake and felt a hybrid-sized jig head and hook combined with a more weedless (wood) head and weed guard with a thinnned-down (35-strand hybrid finesse) skirt was needed. The Mark Twain Magic Jig was born. It features a Mustadx2 cross-eyed hook for the strength needed to get the fish out of heavy cover. The liner tie is buried deep in the head (for more weedless/wood friendly fishing).

The name of this jig is derived from the unique special magic craw head color. Drop one in a glass of water and you will see the iridescent colors jump out. Couple this with the same magic craw skirt combination and it makes for some very interesting fish catching! The MT Magic Jig being offered in 10 Mark Twain Lake proven skirt color combinations. We are baking the powder coat paint in the head color only - The MarkTwain Magic Craw color. In stock now!

Happy jig fishing from Mark Twain Lake Lures!

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